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Marley is a Maltese / Poodle mix.  Marley was a mess when he got here and his hair was so matted that we took him to the groomers and got him a really nice haircut.  What do ya think?  Pretty handsome!  Marley is just a year old and weighs 9 lbs.  Marley we are so happy you found your forever home!  We all wish you luck!
(August 2012)


Amber Rae

Amber Rae is a 3 to 5 year old Long Hair Dachshund and was pulled from the shelter where she was dropped off in a night box. All the staff at the shelter would come by and give her treats because she was very scared in the cage where they had to keep her. Her long hair was a mess and all matted, so we shaved it off and to see how beautiful she really was. It didn't take long for her to warm up in her foster home and find a home of her own. Good luck on your new home Amber Rae! (August 2012)


Trudi is a Chi-Doxie and a real sweetheart.  her new family got a real GEM with this little girl.  She is loving, walks nice on a leash and cuddles...tons!  We are so glad that her family simply fell in love with this cute face! Trudi is one lucky girl and so is her new family.  Enjoy and best to Trudi, kisses and hugs!

(April 2011)





Elsie came to us very thin but full of life! She was a bunch of fun to foster! She is now happy as ever in her forever home with her new sister! Her family adores this little girl and is working hard to continue to put weight on this little love bug! We love happy endings! (March 2011)


Yale came to us from a high kill shelter in Northern California. He was only 5 months old, a baby! He was such a ham! Fortunately, we found him an amazing home with his sister, TAZ, and he is now loved and cuddled with daily! His new mom can't say enough about how funny he and play! Another happy ending! (March 2011)




Natasha was another very thin Chi that came to us for help.  We were able to put some weight on her and then her new Mom, fell in LOVE. Who won't fall in love with this face? So now Natasha lives in a great home with other Chi's and is loving life! She is of course, larger-than-life playing and being cuddled frequently. (March 2011)


Penny was adopted from us as a frightened little Chi.  Her family loved her, cared for her and now she is a happy, loving little girl.  She was a lot of fun to foster was always looking around to see if the boogie man was going to catch up with her. No longer, she is confident and happy.  (2009)





Princess was pulled from a local shelter where she was scared to death! She was placed in foster care with another local rescue group, where she was helped to overcome some of her fears and was recently adopted by a family who adores her! We so love happy stories...and Princess has several other Chi sisters and brothers to help make her feel safe. Isn't she a cutie!? (March 2011)




Harry is a very young, cute Chi! Loves to play and run.  His new family thinks he is the "bomb" because he is so funny! Cuddled and loved now Harry is playing with all his new family. He is funny! He loves to fetch balls and play chase. Harry is happy, healthy and safe now.  He was at risk of being euthanized when we pulled him.  He was a joy for his foster family.  Now is the joy for his forever family.  Be a good boy, Harry (((hugs))) (March 2011)





Shirley was dumped in the night deposit on a cold night ths winter. She was afraid and we didn't know she was also expecting puppies. She is now safe, warm and not afraid any more and her new family love her! She is a very lucky, special little Chi.  We simply can't understand why or how some person can simply drop off a dog, not leave a note with at least her name written but to just put her in a box on a cold night...simply horrible! She will be forever loved worries ever again! (April 2011)



Emily is an escape artist! She loves to "herd" chickens and came to us when no one else wanted her. She is now loved and watched over frequently since she is still an escape artist and loves to run around outside her fenced yard! She is loved, cuddled and thinks it is the coolest thing ever to sit up and wave! She is a delight for her new Mom.  (March 2011)





Olsen is such a cutie! We know he wasn't a Chi, but needed a home before he was euthanized in the high-kill shelter in No. CA. We transported him and within days he found his wonderful new home.  With this face and his soft fur, who could resist? So Olsen is now Olly and is forever loved! (March 2011)



Wallace was adopted by a great family.  Their roommate, after the fact, developed allergies to him.  Good news, however, for Wallace, the roommate is moving out and so Wallace gets to remain in his new forever home. He is loved a bunch and clearly his family wishes to keep their commitment to Wallace.  He is such a cutie. Very soft little guy and yet loves to play.  So, be good Wallace, stay in touch (via your family) and we'll see you soon.  (April 2011)



Nate is such a little stud-muffin! His new mom runs and Nate will be joining her.  She loves to take him to the beach too! Nate is one lucky pup! Cute as ever and now gets the life he deserves.  He is loved and cared for daily and doesn't have to worry about being euthanized because there are so many Chi's in California. He came from the high-kill shelter in No. California.  Now Nate is one happy pup! (April 2011)



Vera was a 5 month old female pup simply dumped at a California high-kill shelter! We were able to find transportation and get her to Reno. At the Home Show Vera found her forever home.  She is living large in Fernley, NV and loving life! Her new family thinks she is simply amazing! It warms our hearts knowing we helped save this little girl and make a difference one dog at a time.  If you can't foster please make a donation so we can continue to help find forever homes for all these tossed away Chihuahua. Thank you! (April 2011)



Tommy came to us very thin with his brother Mikey in early December.  We were able to help get some weight on both of them and Mikey went to his home about a month ago.  Tommy was sad, but we knew that he would get a home soon. Luckily, a family with another Chi decided that Tommy would make a great addition to their family and adopted him. Tommy is a bit of a clown, loves to play and enjoys a good chase. We are very happy that Tommy found his forever home. We will miss you Tommy Clown but know you are safe and loved now. (March 2011)


Spunky was at a local shelter where he was increasing becoming more fearful of people.  They requested our help to rescue him and find him a home.  Once we removed him from the shelter, he was a happy dog.  Funny, though he is a grumbler! So, he talks a lot but is a happy and grumpy dog all at the same time.  His foster family saw through all his sillyness and with patience, found him a great home.  So, Spunky gets a home! He is cuddly once you get to know him but he is still afraid of new people until given a chance to take his own time and come say hello.  So Spunky be a good boy! (March 2011) 


Tony is a very sweet, playful young boy Chi.  He is very funny to watch because he just can't stop playing, unless he is cuddling.  So now, he has a new brother, a Pom, and a great new Mom.  He is one lucky boy now! He was only an hour away from being euthanized - but we were able to get him out of the shelter in CA and transport him to us.  He now is safe and happy.  You go little Tony (now known as Jack) be a good boy.  Be happy! And be safe! (March 2011)


Anabelle is 5 month old little girl. Her face speaks to many since she is so cute! She was adopted by the same family whom adopted Milo and is loving life now! She is such a sweetie it was easy to find her a home, but hard for the foster mom who kept her - to let her go! She will be missed, but we know she has a great home! (Feb 2011)

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl is a young Pap/Chi mix; she is just like her name says, very pretty and soft.  She loves to play, is a real cuddler and enjoys the snow.  She is a real lucky girl since her family fell in love with her.  She is going to be loved, cared for and be someone's joy in life.  All things this little girl deserves.  Be a very good girl Pretty Girl.  We'll miss you! (March 2011)



Speedy is a 6 year old boy who came in to our care with Milo, Gucci, and Chloe.  He was harder to place and we couldn't figure why? He is so very cute, fun and loves everyone! So lucky Speedy got his home today! His family thinks he is one handsome boy! He really is inside and out! We'll miss you cutie Speedy! (March 2011)


Honey is a cute, playful little girl, Chi and "something" but again, we knew she wanted her own home where she could play and be loved.  Lucky day arrived and our little Honey got her wish...a forever home with a family and another dog! Yeah! She loves to walk with her new family and run and play! Be a good girl, Honey.  (March 2011)


Morton came to us after being hit by a vehicle and ended up without any broken bones. We neutered him and within days found him his very own home where his new Mom thinks he is the coolest Chi-Dachie she's met. He is very sweet, loving and enjoys walks. We wish you so much love now Morton. Be a good boy! (Feb 2011) 


Morgan is a 8 month old male Chi, we didn't have very long since his new Mom fell madly in love with his energy, ability to jump into her arms and his very cute face.  So, Lucky Morgan has his forever home. (Feb 2011)

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa was a real cutie and full of fun! Easy to foster and so easy to find a special home for him.  Pancho is loved by his family and sleeps in their bed every night.  He loves it! Cute as a button! Be a good boy Pancho. (2009)




Obi-One is a young, sweet boy who was found near the one claimed him, so we took him in and found him an amazing home with another Chi, named Koda.  He loves to play and wrestle with Koda and cuddles frequently with his new family.  Be a good boy, ObiOne. (Feb 2011)


Mikey was relinquished by a homeless man along with Tommy.  It was months before we could increase their weight so they didn't look like "death." Over thoses months Mikey and Tommy bloomed into great loving dogs!  Now Mikey is lucky to have his own family that love him for all he can be.  He is getting along now and is truly loved. (Feb 2011)


Diva came to us with a baby on her side who quickly was adopted.  She was used as a breeding dog and was given up since she didn't "produce" many puppies.  We were able to find her an amazing home where she is loved and taken care of forever.  She gets to play all day and is cuddled every night.  The best to you Diva! (Feb 2011)

Maia & Lylah (know know as Honey & Princess)

Maria and Lylah are two of the sweetest older ladies you'd ever want to meet.  Sadly, they were "strays" brought over the counter to the shelter.  Because they are two older, but beautiful Chi's people overlooked them until a very special family came along to adopt them both.  So, we believe they are Mother-Daughter and are still together forever now in their new home. Their new family simply adore these girls. Thank you to the family who found it in their hearts to give them a home they can call their own and be safe and loved. Thank you! (Feb 2011)


Ewok's new family took one look at him, his cute face and his ability to climb out of an ex-pen and fell in LOVE.  So, Ewok got his wish and has his very own family who will love and cuddle him, keep him warm at night and take good care of him.  We'll miss you and your friend, Obe-one will really miss you.  Kisses and hugs to you Ewok - be a good boy! (Feb 2011) 


Gucci is a wonderfully sweet Chi with the most beautiful big brown eyes! She is now loved by her new family and loving life! Yeah for Gucci.  We'll miss you Miss Gucci, your warm body sitting in my lap as I typed.  But now, you have your own lady who will love and cuddle you forever!  Be a very good girl Gucci, we know you will be since you were such a good girl here.  Best to you always!  (Feb 2011) 


Sheoda is such a sweet Chihuahua! Sadly she was with us for some time before her lucky day when her new owner saw and fell in love with her.  Sheoda now is in her own home, loved and cuddled daily.  Her dreams have come true! Sheoda has a home of her own.  She will miss her mom, Mo and her dad, Joe, but is very happy to be loved by her family.  (Feb 2011) 


Morton is a very lucky boy! He'd been hit by a vehicle and suffered only some bruising but no broken bones.  He is a so sweet and loving that his new family couldn't resist him! He now has his wish come true, a safe and forever home.  Best to you Morton - you are one AWESOME friendly Chi-Dachie!  (Feb 2011) we will miss you ~ kisses!



Pedro (PeeWee)

Pedro was reunited with his family.  He spent more than 7 days at the shelter and we pulled him.  Recently, we were contacted by the owners indicating that Pedro was really PeeWee and was their dog.  So he is now reunited with his family and we hope safe now. You are a very sweet little boy, Pedro - we enjoyed you for the short time you were with us.





undefinedDuffy is a happy boy now! His forever home is wonderful.  He will be loved daily, cuddled and get to go all sorts of places.  Duffy is a real cuddler and it was very difficult to give him up for a forever home, but it was in Duffy's best interest for him to have his own home.  He will of course be missed by many people who fell in love with this great boy! He is full of love, full of play and loving life! Lots of kisses and hugs to our baby boy, Duffy!  (Jan 2011)



Cammi & Cashmere

Yes, we know they are poms! However, when we saw their pictures and heard their story, we had to help them. These two senior poms were left by a dumpster in a box as garbage! An officer found them and took them to a shelter in No. California. We were able to network with many caring people who helped transport Cammi & Cashmere to Reno.  Now they have the best of luck, because they were adopted this weekend together into their new forever home.  You want to talk SWEET - these girls were so very friendly - why would someone simply dump them as trash! So lucky lifes to Cammi & Cashmere - enjoy the warmth! xoxo



Capri is a great larger Chi, but still a Chi! She was pulled from a high-kill shelter and transfered to another rescue and just got her forever home.  We fostered her for some time and she was a delight.  Friendly and even smiled! You can see the smile here!  We are so happy that Capri got her forever home where she'll be loved and cared for and not have to worry about being euthanized! (April 2011)





George is a young male Chihuahua who was with us for 4 months.  He was finally lucky this weekend to find his very special home where he will be loved and played with regularly.  He is very lucky now, such a sweet boy, full of play and loves to cuddle.  He had wanted a home for Christmas, but didn't get his wish ~ but he certainly scored now! His family simply thinks he is the best pup ever and he is! Best to you our buddy, George - be a good boy! Give lots of kisses to your new family. (2/2011)





undefinedChloe was dumped at the shelter with Speedy, Gucci and Milo when the breeder decided that their "babies" were better to use for breeding and simply brought these four to dispose throw away Chihuahuas! So sad! Lucky for Chloe the shelter contacted Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows and we were able to find Chloe a wonderful home today! She is a very small Chi about 4 pounds, and will get plenty of loves from her new family.  They simply adore Chloe! Lucky Chloe! She now will be loved and not just used for breeding. Yeah for Chloe! (Jan 2011)



Milo is one special boy now! A home of his own! Yippie! Sadly he was dumped at the shelter because he was no longer useful as a "breeder" dog.  He didn't meet the breeder's choice so simply was dumped with Speedy, Gucci and Chloe.  Milo warmed up quickly to his foster home.  When he met his new family, they fell madly in love with this small boy and now he will be spoiled, loved, held and kept warm for the rest of his life.  We will miss you Milo but you deserved a home.  (1/2011)


Molly is our older lady and nearly blind.  She is a very loving little gal and we were fortunate to have a very special family give her a home.  She will be loved always, cared for and cuddled frequently.  Molly stole our hearts when some one dumped her at the shelter because the were moving.  After nearly 10 years of being with someone, how can you simply GIVE UP a dog? We are thankful to the family who saw what a wonderful dog Molly is and decided to give her --- her wish! A home forever! Thank you! (Jan 2011)



Coco arrived with her friend, Pepe and was so very frightened when her family gave her up.  With some time, she was able to find a wonderful home where she is safe, warm and loved. She was a very tiny little girl, but she was a very mighty little one once she was safe. She is a great little "watch dog" and keeps her family safe. We'll never tell her that they keep her safe...and let her think she is keeping them safe. (2009)


Darla was rescued when she was five months old.  She was relinquished because she nipped a child when she was kicked, by the child, while playing in a swimming pool.  While she most likely was puppy-mouthing, the family sent her for quarantine. After her period in bite-quarantine, they decided to not take her home. She would have been euthanized because she was classified as a "bite" dog, even though she was only a four month old puppy.  She is now two years old, has never tried bite another person and is loved greatly by her new Mom.  Darla is one of many Chi's that sadly get a bad rap and if given a chance make amazing pets.  She lives with 3 other dogs and her Mom and is loving life!


Mo delighted her new family this weekend and got her wish for Christmas 2010.  She found a very special home in California.  Her family writes that she is now spoiled, sleeps in the bed with them and is very smart.  We knew that Mo was a special girl. While we know she will miss her brother, Joe, she deserved her own home where she would sparkle.  Her family took her immediately to shop for her bling collar, leash and other great stuff.  You, Mo, were a wonderful foster pup and we are so thrilled you have a great life now!





Pumpkin is a very gentle soul. Everyone who held him fell in love, but no one wanted him, until now, he was very lucky before Christmas 2010 for a son to recognize him to be a great friend to his Mom.  And so the story just begins because Pumpkin after a tough beginning in Los Angeles kill shelter transported with Charlie (another foster) in June so he would not die.  Pumpkin now has his own person to call his own and good for Pumpkin because he is adored. We love you too Pumpkin and wish you a long, health life...where you will be loved daily.

Joe (Joey)

Joe is a two year old male; so very loving and special.  He was given up with Mo and Sheoda and yesterday was lucky to find his forever home with a new brother, Mojo!  This boy is so cuddly we'll miss those soft touches and him leaning into us when we hold him.  We know Joe will have an amazing home and family.  We only want the best for our Joe! You will give great joy to your new family and play well with your new brother!  Kisses and hugs, Joe.... (Jan 2011)



Rosie is a sweet little girl, simply wanting to have her own home and family.  December 2010 she received her very special wish and is now loving life.  Her family simply adore her.  She had a rough beginning abandoned and frightened.  With kindness and helping to rebuild her confidence, Rosie was able to razzle-dazzle her new Dad and is loved greatly.  We wish you the best Rosie. 




Malani is a Brussels Griffon who needed our help to find her a home.  She was found near the shelter and no one claimed this wonderful little girl. It didn't take but a few days to find this special girl a forever home. Sadly, we have so many that still need homes in our care so please help us if you can. Even a few dollars helps us help these thrown away dogs find forever homes. (Feb 2011)





Danny was a very fightened Chi who needed to learn to trust people again. His new family said it is the choice of the cat and him to keep Danny.  He fits in so nicely, loved an is now learning to trust again. We are very thankful to his new family for giving Danny a chance to really shine ~ (Feb 2011)


Zippy was a more challenging placement - but with time and the right family, he is now loved by them.  We are grateful to those who will give a Chi-mix a chance and accept them for what they bring after a hard life before we rescued them.  Thank you for your support.  If someone "speaks" to you, please make a donation to our efforts.  All of the money only goes to help with vet expenses, spay and neuter and medical issues that may arise.  Help us help them. Thank you.



Pepe was a tiny, frightened Chi who is now living life! He travels the country with his Dad.  Isn't he a sweetie! He is dressed up as a frog showing off.  Pepe now loves people and simply loves to watch out the window as his Dad drives.  We love little Pepe and are so happy he found his forever home!



Honey Girl

Honey Girl was too funny! She was very loving despite her being abandoned on the side of the road.  Lucky for her, she was picked up and brought into animal services.  Sadly, she was very afraid in the shelter and no one could see the amazing little dog inside the kennel.  So, we rescued her, gave her a change to come out of her shell...and boy did she! She was a playful Chi, and still plays and "kills" the toys regularly. She is spoiled and loves every minute of life now thanks to her new family who could she her potential and allow her to SHINE!

Mimi Lepue (was Buttons)

Buttons was a very small girl and very frightened of the world.  With some kindness, good food, a little training, she was able to go into a wonderful home that gave her the time to overcome her fears of her new took her nearly 3 weeks for them to be able to handle her, touch or love on her.  We thank her new family.  She is loved dearly and it shows!



Jackpot was left because he was old and a little hunch-backed; no one at the shelter wanted such a strange looking Chi.  We took him in and over time, got his coat to shine with some good food, nice walks and a bath.  He stayed a while here and finally a very nice gentleman decided he was the dog for him.  Jackpot is loving life, goes boating and wears a life jacket so he can swim.  We thank all of the people who can see them for who they are - not for what they look like.  If you can find it in your heart to help us, please donate on the "home page." Thank you!


Taz is a very special Chi.  Left because she was old and nearly blind it was time for us to get her out of the shelter.  She was going to be euthanized if we didn't remove her...we did and again, as with the others, good, nutritional food, a bath and some warm place to sleep, get some love a very special lady saw her one day and remarked how she looked so much like her Chi she'd recently lost.  So good ending to Taz's story...she was adopted and is still loving life.  She is 15 now and still enjoys the warm fire in the winter and her favorite jacket to keep her warm.  Thank you. (2009) 


Brock is a very special guy! His foster Mom almost didn't want to give him up, but knew he was going to an amazing home.  He got his wish for Christmas...a home for the holidays.  You will be missed very much Brock, but your foster Mom knows you are safe now and will be loved and cherished as Brock should be...we love you Brock! Best to you Brock! Be good!



Romeo is a very special Chi-X.  As you may see from the photo he loves to play.  Toss the toy and sit back and watch him entertain you for hours! He smiles when you talk to him and is a real lover! That is why he was named Romeo, because he loves people.  Best to you Romeo on your new forever home! (12/23/10)


Tillman was a sweet little guy at only 4-months old when he was relinquished to the shelter.  Why? We really didn't know why, he was simply a great little dog.  He is now loving life in California...where he is warm all the time now.  He was full of fun and loved to dress-up.  So little Tillman we are so glad you found your forever home.  Enjoy! (2010)


Chewy was 4 months old when we removed him from the shelter.  He'd been injured and everytime he was picked up he'd cry.  It took some time, rest and relaxing for Chewy to heal and find a home.  No he is not Tillman's brother - even though they look similiar...but they arrived at different times.  So, Chewy got his forever home and now he is the king of the castle, loved and played with regularly and is SAFE.  (Feb 2011)




Sorigito was a delight to foster.  He loves everyone. We think he is mostly sheltie but we helped find him a home nonetheless.  He is loved now by his new family who simply adore he should be.  Be good Sorigito (March 2011)


Petey is a 5 month old Chi with a cherry-eye (that is going to be repaired by Chi-Rescue) and he was so very lucky to find his forever home.  So, great things for little Petey, gets to have his eye fixed and has him own family to love on him, teach him and keep him safe and happy.  We are so glad his new family could over look his eye until it is repaired soon.  Be a good boy, Petey! (March 2011)






Reba is a great little Chi; well a little larger, but awesome nonetheless.  She was a joy to foster and took to her new family immediately.  Her new family simply think she is the coolest dog ever! We are so lucky to find all these amazing dogs homes.  Won't you find it in your heart to help? Adopt, foster or make a small donation.  Every dollar helps us rescue and save more Chi's.  As for Reba - she was a lucky one! Be a very good girl.  Hugs to you! (2009) 



Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucy was a very old Chi left at the local shelter since she was too much bother any longer.  She was very lucky to find a very nice family who fell in love and gave her a forever home, even though they knew she wouldn't be around for 5-8 years.  She was very loved! (2009)


Tuffy was a "bite" dog when someone found him in their yard and tried to catch him.  Frightened by the well-meaning stranger, Tuffy bit the person who reported the bite when taken to Animal Services where he was promtly quarantined.  He would have been euthanized if we didn't rescue him.  Tuffy is larger than life, loves to play, go for walks and now has an amazing home and family where he goes to work regularly with his Dad.  Sadly, these little Chi's when they feel trapped do biten...then it is up to a rescue organization or group to remove them and determine if they were simply scared to death when the bit or do they really need a very special home?  We do this regularly.  If you can help, foster, if you can not foster ~ donate. Thank you!


Matilda was rescued and had a cantelope size growth on her face. We had it removed and allowed her to heal. With time, she found she loved to play again and loved to play ball in the yard. She won the heart of a very special lady who adopted her and now she is the Princess of her house. Just look at that face...who could resist such a cutie? We love you Matilda! (2009)


Yes, we do know that Audrey is a Brittany! She needed our help so we rescued this little girl with the very bad hips. She got some exercise and developed some muscle in her hind legs and could run like the wind. She was adopted by a very special family who promised to meet all her needs. We so miss little Audrey. (2009)

Breaker...yes we know he is a Brittany...but we still found him a home!

 Congratulations Breaker - you were such a ham! While we know you are not a were amazing when we brought you into the foster home, ran and played with the small, mighty foster Chi's and we knew you would make a good companion with a family.  You are very loved and still enjoy that duck you played with daily.