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Why Dogs need help to get out of kennels

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  • Why So Many Dogs are Passed Up at Shelte...
    by PJ Wangsness on December 29, 2010 at 8:22 PM
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    This video shows why it is so important to help get so many of these very special dogs out of the shelters and into foster care or adopted. Snowflake while in the kennel appears to be "aggressive" however, once taken out of the kennel and brought into the yard anyone can see she is a very special dog. Fortunately for Snowflake (12/2010) she was rescued and will be fostered until her home is found. This video needs to be shared with everyone who loves dogs. The more people understand what the dog is feeling (yes, they do have emotions) the better we can help find some dogs homes that have simply been overlooked. At ChiRescueTruckeeMeadows we *know* to help these little tiny dogs, Chihuahuas, we have to get them out of the kennels because they are easily frightened by the kaos at the shelters. It is a very scary place for Chihuahuas too. Please watch this video and see how great a dog can be once removed from the kennels. Please don't judge a "book by its cover." Thank you...can you help us help them? You can donate on the home page. Thank you ~

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